Complete Assignment 2 by giving one ORIGINAL example (not found in the book) in 2-3 complete sentences for EACH concept listed below

1. Biological Perspective: An example of biological perspective is the fear response. When fear signals go to our brain it sends a warning message that we are in danger. This stimulates amygdala and causes us to experience emotions. After this our brain makes decisions to keep us from harm from our emotions.

2. Experimental Research Method: An example of experimental research method would be performed an experience that the researcher controls. If a researcher studies how social media influences marriage.

3. Inverse Relationship: An example of inverse relationship will be a graph and formula. In Inverse relationship graph and formula y = k ÷ x. In this math problem, you have two variables. The x variable increases, and the y variable decreases, and vice versa.

4. Placebo Effect: An example of placebo effect is using a replacement of sugar pill instead of an actual medication. If I noticed that my wife never got enough sleep but always complained of a headache. I tell her to take a nap, but she says that she needs medication instead of sleep. I give her a sugar pill instead of Tylenol and she takes a nap. She thinks the placebo pill worked.  

5. Typical Score: An example of a typical score would be mean, mode, and median. Mean, mode and median measures indicate a typical score. Therefore, finding the 3 would be examples.

6. Percentile Rank: An example of percentile rank would be when I take my 1-year-old son to the doctor for his 1-year check-up. The doctor takes his head circumference, weight, and height. In the end she will go through each one with me telling me what percentiles in ranks in from data with other 1- year old children.

7. Neuron: An example of neuron would be pain. If my baby touches a hot surface with his fingertips. The sensory neurons will send signals of data that has been collected to the nervous system.

8. PET Scan: An exam of PET scan is my father having symptoms of brain disorders. The signs are headache, changes in vision and speech, cognitive and memory problems, lack of muscle control. I took him to the doctor and my father is ordering a PET scan. They order him to have a PET scan to measure vital functions such as blood flow, oxygen use, glucose, and so on.

9. Endorphins: An example of endorphins is sex with your partner or stress. During sex you are releasing endorphins, which is helping to reduce stress.

10.  Parasympathetic Nervous System: An example of parasympathetic nervous system is me eating my dinner. When eating my digestive tract needs to speed up so it can digest my food. The Parasympathetic Nervous System is responsible for sending signals, slowing my heart rate, and breathing down to make all this happen.

11. Schachter-Singer Two Factor Theory: An example of Schachter-Singer Two Factor Theory is a car driving on the wrong side of the road. One today, as I was driving on the highway. I suddenly noticed a car driving on the wrong side of the road. Therefore, we were both driving towards one another. My heart began to beat very fast, and my palms were sweating caused by fear.

12. Fusiform Face Area: An example of fusiform face area is face recognition. I met someone today and I did not see them until a month later. I may not remember their name, but I do recognize their face.

13. Right Hemisphere: An example of the right hemisphere is me writing with my right hand. The fact that I am right-handed, my left hemisphere is stronger when it comes to such movements.

14. Stage 2 Sleep- An example of stage 2 sleep is my wife having sleep apnea. She is a light sleeper and can hear any and everything in her sleep. Her breathing is interrupted repeatedly during sleep. 

15.  NaySayer: An example of naysayer is my wife’s family labeling her dream of becoming an entrepreneur as being unrealistic. My wife’s family has always talked down to her and disagreed with her spending our savings on opening a business. They have discouraged her for years, making her think that she could succeed. But she did and now she is an entrepreneur.  

16. Weber’s Law: An example of Weber’s Law is when my mother can notice the same car as hers. My mother doesn’t know anything about cars. She doesn’t know a Ford from a Honda. Now that she has a white Toyota Camry, every time she sees one the road, she can identify it.

17. Transduction: Am example of transduction is me smelling my mothers cooking. My brain is a sensory stimulus of smelling my food. My brain has sent the signal that I smell food and it smells good. It has perceived that it is my mother’s cooking and not my wife’s cooking.

18. Place Theory: An example of Place Theory is being at a high school band tournament. At the band tournament I listen to different bands perform. They play different instruments and different music.

19. Bottom-Up Processing: An example of Bottom-Up Processing is smell and taste. When my mother is cooking, I can tell what she is cooking from the different smells. Our Nigerian meals may smell the same to others, but we can typically smell our different aromas. Well, I can smell the different aromas.

20. Top-Down Processing: An example of Top-Down Processing is my family making assumptions that my baby will throw his food once he’s full. Every night my son eats his dinner at 6:30 p.m. Someone tries to always stand near his chair so we can catch his plate before he throws it once he’s full. He throws the plate every time. Therefore, we assume that he will do it every time. is an online academic writing site catering to students from all educational levels, from high school and college to graduate level and beyond. The website has a team of experienced writers who are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to provide top-notch custom writing services for any task assigned by our customers.

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