From a social work perspective, what are the most important concerns/needs identified through an assessment process with the clients in your case study?? Theories and Perspectives:

  Using the following attachments and instructions please complete. The  Theories that I have chosen are Strengths and systems and the intervention will be family counseling.

Step 2 – Presentation create (in MS PowerPoint format) and deliver (using VoiceThread) a presentation that includes the following components: 

Introductory Slide: Provide a title for your presentation and photos and names of presenters. Assessment Slides: From a social work perspective, what are the most important concerns/needs identified through an assessment process with the clients in your case study? 

Theories and Perspectives: From a social work perspective, what are two theories or perspectives (discussed in this class this term) you would likely incorporate in your work with the clients in this case study? 

For each theory, provide the following information:

● Why did you choose this theory to use with these particular clients? This provides your rationale for choosing the theory and will be consistent with the information that emerged through the assessment process. (add citations on the slides referring to your readings–‐just authors and dates) 

● What are the major tenets of this theory/perspective that are consistent with the information that emerged through the assessment process? This provides a foundation for using the theory with your clients. (add citations on the slides referring to your readings–‐just authors and dates) 

● What are the ways that this theory supports culturally sensitive work with Hispanic children and families? (add citations when sources are available) 

● What are the ways that this theory may not support culturally sensitive work with Hispanic children and families? (add citations when sources are available) Intervention: Identify and discuss at least one intervention you would incorporate into your work with the children and family based on the two theoretical perspectives used. (add citations on the slides referring to your readings–‐just authors and dates) References: All sources cited in the presentation must be identified using APA style format. Make sure to cite your textbook, the Organista readings, and other sources as necessary. Use at least 8 sources in your presentation. Note: Each group member must submit a copy of the presentation file (in MS PowerPoint format) to the assignment item. However, only one presentation (in VoiceThread) will be created per group. Presentation Logistics To Note: 

● The presentation should be approximately 10 minutes in length – no more than 15. ● ● Each slide narration should be scripted and included in the notes section of that slide in the presentation file. ● Script your narration and you put your script in the notes section on each of your slides. ● Include citations from the textbook, the Organista readings, and other sources as necessary. Use at least 8 sources. Attached are notes and the 

● The presentation should be approximately 10 minutes in length – no more than 15. ● ● Each slide narration should be scripted and included in the notes section of that slide in the presentation file. ● Script your narration and you put your script in the notes section on each of your slides. ● Include citations from the textbook, the Organista readings, and other sources as necessary. Use at least 8 sources.

SOWK 6347: Vignette Mr. Leonard, Social Worker

Jason Valdez, Client  


Vignette: Evaluation of Social Work Practice with Hispanic Children and Families Client Description: Jason Valdez is a 14 year old Hispanic male in a small Central Texas

college town. He is the son of third generation Mexican American parents who divorced when Jason was 8. He lives with his mother (Sara Martinez), his step-father (Roberto Martinez), his sister Maria Valdez (16) and his younger brother Joseph Martinez (3). He sees his father sporadically; his father is a truck driver and tries to come through the town on a regular basis, but in reality only comes in about once every three months. Jason is in 9th grade at the local high school where he makes average grades.

The family lives in subsidized housing where Jason shares a small bedroom with his younger brother. He often stays out late or sleeps at friends’ homes because he dislikes having to share with the 3 year old. He also resents that he often is asked to babysit for Joey while Mom is at work, running errands, or out with his step-father. Jason has recently been suspended from school for fighting during lunch. He hit another student after a yelling match escalated in the cafeteria. He is angry that the other student didn’t get suspended and resents that charges are being pressed. The African-American student, Darren (15) who Jason hit, had been making fun of Jason’s friends, according to Jason, and he felt like the hit was justified. Jason has many friends at school. He frequently brings his friends to his home after school where his mother is concerned they will be a bad influence on Jason’s younger brother. Several of them smoke cigarettes, and she is concerned that they smoke other substances when she is at work in the afternoons.

Recently Jason has said he isn’t sure he wants to continue in school and

asked about taking the GED. His mother is concerned that he will just drop out, hanging out daily with some of his friends who have done the same.

Presenting Problem: Since Jason was suspended, his mother has been looking for a place for

Jason to spend supervised time during the afternoon hours between school ending and the end of her work day. She wants to prevent him from spending time with some of the teenagers he has been hanging out with, as well as making sure that an adult presence is assured. She feels very strongly that Jason could easily be influenced by a strong role model and hopes to find a place where he can also get some help with his homework, which she doesn’t feel qualified to provide.

With charges being pressed against Jason, Mrs.Martinez feels that if she is proactive and gets Jason some afternoon supervision, maybe the sentencing will be lighter. She is concerned about Jason’s potential for drinking alcohol since his father drinks a lot and she is also concerned

SOWK 6347: Vignette Mr. Leonard, Social Worker

Jason Valdez, Client  


that some of the behaviors she has seen amongst Jason’s friends are gang related. Recently she discovered Jason trying to sneak out of the house at about 2:00 am on a Tuesday night. When she asked him why, he simply said he “needed to be someplace,” and wouldn’t give her any more information. This behavior concerns her and she is debating if she should enforce more rigid consequences for him. She is uncertain about her parenting style and the reaction Jason might have if she tries to add structure to his life on her own.

Afterschool Program Provider: Mr. Leonard works at the Youth Service Bureau (YSB) in this

community. The small agency employees three social workers, two activity specialists, and has many interns from the local university who assist in various aspects of their programming. Currently YSB provides afterschool services to 30 youth ages 12 – 16 who are “at risk” for delinquency or drug and alcohol related issues. The program operates four days a week from 3:30 pm until 7:00 pm, feeding a snack and dinner to the youth, spending time on homework, community service and running several psycho-educational groups during the week. On Fridays, the program runs from 3:30 pm – 11:00 pm, providing standard programming through 7:00 pm and then a “Friday Night Activity” for those youth who have earned this privilege. Often this is dinner at a restaurant and a movie or dance, sponsored by community businesses or organizations at the university. The agency is funded through local, regional and federal funds, grants which are written on an annual or biannual basis. The facility they are housed in is rented from the county for $1.00 per year with the assumption that there will always be some sort of programming for the youth of the barrio where the building is located.

Mr. Leonard is the social worker at the agency who works specifically with the young men served through the afterschool program. When a male youth is referred to the program, Mr. Leonard meets with the youth, the parent(s), and other interested parties to develop goals for the youth, a plan of intervention, and to help facilitate the youth coming into the program. He meets with each youth once per week for 45 minutes, discussing how the program is going, if the goals they developed are being met, and if anything on the intervention plan needs to be adjusted. He also meets regularly with the parent(s) and sometimes visits the youth at school to see how they do in that environment. As another part of his position, Mr. Leonard supervises and oversees several social work and psychology interns who are doing field placements in the agency.

Social/Political Context: This Central Texas community is very focused right now on the drug and

alcohol use of the youth population. The local university recently applied for and received a 5 year grant to help local agencies collaborate more effectively in addressing these concerns. Many of the local agencies resent the fact that the university received the funds rather than the money going to those entities providing direct services.

SOWK 6347: Vignette Mr. Leonard, Social Worker

Jason Valdez, Client  


YSB is one of the few local agencies working closely with the university in these efforts. Because of this alliance, they have received additional monies for their program, mainly to provide alternative programming on the weekend for youth who might use alcohol and drugs if not participating in organized activities. They have also been approached by the university to have several of their youth clients train to be Peer Facilitators, learning about and organizing a youth led drug and alcohol prevention effort in the schools. Many local and regional organizations are interested in having this program be successful, and so are observing YSB very closely to see how the implementation is carried out.


Top of Form

Bottom of Form

1. Ecological Systems Theory: This theory can be used to understand the various systems and environments that influence Jason’s life. It helps in exploring the interactions between Jason and his family, school, community, and peers, as well as the impact of these systems on his behavior and choices.

2. Strengths-Based Perspective: This approach focuses on identifying Jason’s strengths and abilities rather than just his challenges. It can help in recognizing his resilience, determination, and social connections, which can be utilized to promote positive change and support his development.

3. Attachment Theory: Given Jason’s experience of his parents’ divorce and his sporadic contact with his father, attachment theory can help in understanding how these early experiences might influence his relationships and behavior.

4. Social Learning Theory: This theory can be used to explore how Jason’s behavior, including his involvement in a fight and potential risky behaviors with friends, might be influenced by observing and learning from his surroundings and social interactions.

5. Cultural Competence: Considering Jason’s Hispanic background and the specific challenges faced by Mexican American families, applying cultural competence principles can aid in understanding his experiences and developing culturally appropriate interventions.

6. Systems Theory: This theory can help in understanding the family dynamics and how the interactions between family members and their living conditions might contribute to Jason’s behavior and well-being.

7. Cognitive Behavioral Theory: This approach can be useful in exploring the thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors that contribute to Jason’s actions, including his reactions to stress and conflict.

8. Trauma-Informed Approach: Given Jason’s exposure to challenging family situations and potential involvement with gangs, a trauma-informed approach can help in recognizing the impact of these experiences on his well-being and behavior.

9. Social Justice Perspective: This perspective can guide social workers in addressing the systemic issues of poverty, limited resources, and access to opportunities that may be affecting Jason and his family.

By applying these various theories, social workers can gain a more comprehensive understanding of Jason’s situation and tailor interventions and support to meet his unique needs and challenges.


From a social work perspective, what are the most important concerns/needs identified through an assessment process with the clients in the case study provided?

From a Family Dynamics and Parenting: The divorce of Jason’s parents and his living situation in subsidized housing create family dynamics that may impact his emotional well-being and behavior. The assessment should explore the relationship between Jason, his mother, step-father, and siblings, as well as the co-parenting arrangement with his father. Understanding parenting styles, communication patterns, and conflict resolution within the family is essential.

1. Academic Performance and Educational Needs: Jason’s average grades and his expressed desire to take the GED suggest academic challenges. The assessment should identify his specific educational needs, learning strengths, and potential barriers to success. Understanding his attitudes towards school and the impact of his friends on his academic engagement is crucial.

2. Peer Influence and Risky Behaviors: Jason’s involvement with friends who engage in potentially risky behaviors, such as smoking cigarettes and potential gang-related activities, raises concerns about his susceptibility to negative peer influence. The assessment should explore the nature of his friendships, motivations for engaging in certain behaviors, and strategies to mitigate peer pressure.

3. Emotional and Behavioral Issues: Jason’s recent suspension from school and involvement in physical altercation indicate underlying emotional and behavioral issues. The assessment should address his feelings of anger, resentment, and impulsivity, and explore potential stressors or traumatic experiences that may be contributing to his behavior.

4. After-School Supervision and Support: Mrs. Martinez’s concern about Jason’s unsupervised time after school indicates the need for a structured and supportive after-school program. The assessment should explore Jason’s interests and preferences for activities and identify an appropriate program that provides supervision, positive role models, and opportunities for academic support.

5. Substance Use and Alcohol Awareness: Mrs. Martinez’s concerns about alcohol use, potential substance use among Jason’s friends, and the possibility of his father’s influence necessitate exploring Jason’s attitudes towards substances and his exposure to alcohol and drugs.

6. Cultural and Community Factors: Given Jason’s Hispanic background and the focus on drug and alcohol use in the community, the assessment should explore cultural influences on his identity and behavior. Understanding community resources and the availability of culturally competent support services is essential.

7. Safety Concerns: Jason’s attempt to sneak out late at night raises safety concerns, and the assessment should explore potential risks he might be facing outside of the home and his reasons for engaging in such behavior.

A comprehensive assessment would involve gathering information from Jason, his family members, school personnel, and potentially other relevant parties to develop a holistic understanding of his strengths, needs, and challenges. The assessment process should be culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and strengths-based to effectively address the identified concerns and develop appropriate interventions. Plagiarism Free Papers

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