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There are 2 assignments attached- module 1 & 2. I need each of them in 600 words.

Module 1: Discussion – Innovation, Competencies and Leadership.

PLEASE NOTE: This assignment is based on the Textbook readings- Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. Brown, B. (2018). Dare to lead. Vermilion. I need the response to these questions to be based absolutely on this book. Please use 2-3 additional resources to support the response. I need you to also please use and follow the RUBRIC attached to ensure accuracy.

2, Relational Leadership- PowerPoint Presentation- ATTACHED

3. Leadership and the Need for Evidence and Innovation- ATTACHED

 I also require intext-citations for all references. 

Please full details and questions attached


DNP-803- Leadership in Organizations and Systems


Module 1: Discussion – Innovation, Competencies and Leadership.

PLEASE NOTE: This assignment is based on the Textbook readings- Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. Brown, B. (2018). Dare to lead. Vermilion. I need the response to these questions to be based absolutely on this book. Please use 3 additional resources to support the response.

2, Relational Leadership- PowerPoint Presentation- ATTACHED

3. Leadership and the Need for Evidence and Innovation- ATTACHED


1. Review the five competencies of leadership (chapter 1). Describe in your post what your process is or will be to meet the competency of “leading yourself”.  In addition, set a reasonable, small, self-care goal that you can accomplish every week for yourself for the next 7 weeks. Post your self-care goal on the discussion board thread this week. Please note: You will follow up with a progress report about meeting your self-care goal at week three and with a final post at the conclusion of the course. These self-care posts are part of your discussion board grade. 

2. Think about your role as a leader – either present or future role.  What activities or behaviors or activities could you demonstrate that reflect the seven characteristics (discussed in chapter 2) of the innovative leader?

3. Think about a change that is needed at your organization; Please use an idea not related to your scholarly project. Think about a needed change from a leadership perspective. How would you as the leader initiate this change/innovation  using the concepts of Complex Responsive Processes (CRP) (chapter 3)?

4.  Reflect on the values exercise. Did the value match up with how you make decisions, interact with others, and shape your decisions? Why or why not? How will this value influence you as a leader? 


Relational Leadership- PowerPoint Presentation- ATTACHED

Textbook readings- Weberg & Davidson   Chapters. 1,2, 3

Chapter one and two: Key points: Innovation-Evidence- Leadership Framework- audio from Faculty Dr. Zajac 

Additional Readings and Resources:

1. Ellis, L. (2020). The Importance of Meta-Leadership During the COVID-19 Crisis. Harvard School of Public Health retrieved from

2. Divya, J.(2014). Love in a cup: Walla general hospital brings care to caregivers. Retrieved from

3. Jobs, S. (2010). Steve Jobs talks about managing people. YouTube. Retrieved from

Steve Jobs talks about managing people

4. Merrild, P. (2015). The biggest U.S. health care challenges are management challenges. Harvard Law Review. health-care-challenges-are-management-challenges


Module 2: Complexity Science and Organizations

PLEASE NOTE: This assignment is based on the Textbook readings- Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. Brown, B. (2018). Dare to lead. Vermilion. I need the response to these questions to be based absolutely on this book. Please use 3 additional resources to support the response.

2, Relational Leadership- PowerPoint Presentation- ATTACHED

3. Leadership and the Need for Evidence and Innovation- ATTACHED


1.      Reflect on one of the four concepts presented in the reading in Chapter 4 of your textbook. The four concepts are:

               Organization as Conversation

               Working live: Improvisation

               Complex Relational Healthcare

               Complex Relational Being  

Choose one concept above and discuss the following:

What opportunities do you see in your organization for integrating this concept? What challenges might you face in adopting such a concept? What are some ways to overcome the challenges?

2.       Discuss an intervention, care modality, etc. in your practice setting that is based on evidence but needs a change. Using the evidence-innovation cybernetics model in your textbook as a guide (Figure 5.3 p.120) discuss the gaps (what is missing, what needs to be changed) in the areas of practice expertise, clinical values, and/ or culture of care.  As a leader how could you stimulate innovation to close these gaps to positively impact outcomes or changes?

3.  Post the results of your CliftonStrengths Assessment.  The assessment generates a report of your top five Themes/Strengths.  Post your top five Themes and discuss your thoughts about the results. Did the results surprise you?  Post the Ideas for Action for two of your five Themes. How will this knowledge of your Strengths and Ideas for Action enhance your leadership abilities? 


Brown, B. (2018). Dare to lead.

2, Relational Leadership- PowerPoint Presentation- ATTACHED

3. Leadership and the Need for Evidence and Innovation- ATTACHED

4. Chapter one and two:   Key points: Innovation-Evidence- Leadership Framework- audio from Faculty Dr. Zajac 



DNP 803 Chapter Three

Focus on the

relationship of



Interaction is the

key to




Terms to consider

◦Complexity science

◦ Leadership theories

◦ Complex adaptive systems (CAS)

◦ Complex responsive processes


Complex adaptive systems (CAS)

■ Perhaps no longer useful

■ Leader – outside looking in

■ Directs change; mandates change

■ Accomplishment of goal measure by success of unit or organization

Complex responsive processes (CRP)

■ The power for change – generated by human interactions

■ Leadership – provides the environment

■ Leader – foster communication, negotiations towards successful innovation

■ Leader – anticipates anxiety associated with change

■ Leader – fosters positive relationship among the interdependent members of the


– Necessary for success


■ Meaning of change – understood in context

■ High quality relationships are important

■ Workers are accountable; ‘own their work’


■ Evidence based practice ( Melnyk & Fineholt, 2012)

– Triad of empirics, patient values, clinical expertise

– Evidence based practice ( practice based on research)

– Practice based evidence – care administered based on clinicians own practice,

intuition, patient preference/values

■ Involves paying attention to one’s experiences – this is reflexivity;


■ Reflexivity requires Reflection – step back take stock of situation; relationship with

co – workers; values and goals of the profession, unit etc.

■ Implementation of change/new practice guideline is a social and individual process

– Consider the norms of the profession

– Consider the history of how care was done

– Reflect on patient, evidence and clinician experience

■ Clinician/nurse is being formed by and forming identity with others – relationship

with others and own identity.


■ Provides an environment for reflexivity and self reflection

■ Encourages conversation

■ Foster positive interactions

■ Considers feelings and the process of change within the individual

■ Understands the meaning of people out of their comfort zone

– Potential for growth

– But anxiety producing process

■ Meets people where they are

■ Servant leadership

In the moment leadership

■ Micro-level processes ( versus macro level)

– Conversation to quell fears/anxiety

– Take time up front – leads to success and sustainability in the future

– Find common ground and common conversation

■ Build trust

“With trust there is a foundation from which the possibility to engage in

conversation that disturbs the status quo is established.” ( Lalley and Clouthier,

2017, P. 237)

Davidson and Complex Responsive Processes

■ Proposed a frame work using CRP and seven da Vincian principles as a personal tool

– To stimulate creativity

– and exist in uncertainty

■ Seven Principles and application to health care leadership

– Arte/Scienza – EBP and nursing art and science

– Curiosita. – questioning

– Sensazione – refinement of the senses

– Dimostrazione – test knowledge through experience

– Sfumato -embrace ambiguity and uncertainly

– Coropalita- cultivate grace , fitness, and poise

– Connessione- appreciation of the interconnectedness of the world

Davison, S..(2010).Complex responsive processes: a new lens for leadership in twenty-first-century health care,Nursing Forum,45(2), 108-117. Retreived from 6198/

“Bringing the best of who we are as

individuals to our interactions with others

will increase our collective capacity for

transformation in health care.” (Davidson, 2017, p.115)

References in addition to the textbook

Brennan, P. & Bakken. S. ( 2015). Nursing needs big data and big data needs nursing. Journal of

Nursing Scholarship,(47)5, 477–484. doi: 10.1111/jnu.12159

Davison, S..(2010).Complex responsive processes: a new lens for leadership in twenty- first-century

health care,Nursing Forum,45(2), 108-117. Retreived from

Melnyk, B. & Fineout-Overholt, E. (2012). Evidence-based practice in nursing & healthcare: A

guide to best practice (3rd Ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.

Watson Health (2016). What is Watson health? Retrieved fromhttp://www-


Leadership and the Need for Evidence and Innovation

DNP 803 Module One

What used to work doesn’t

Need for different and creative thinking and action –a new type of leadership

Less reliance on standard practices

Patient safety is the minimum standard – not a determination of excellence

Textbook authors who are nurses discuss the need for disruption of current practice/leadership

Terms to internalize

Evidence – the facts that provide insight to support a process or action.

Innovation – process- leads to something new and changes our circumstances.

Leadership-…a set of behaviors that helps the organization focus and align time, resources and energy through relationships , team- based initiatives and networks.

High Performance

Evidence-Innovation- Leadership


Weberg & Davidson, 2021, p.12




Patient Centered





5 competencies for Leadership Development

Understand the Foundation of the Innovation, Evidence, and Leadership dynamic

Leading Yourself

Building an Advanced Innovation Skill Set

Communicating and Connecting

Building Momentum and Initiating Change

Boundary spanning

Risk taking


Leveraging opportunity


Coordination of information flow


7 Characteristics of Innovative leadership


What existing work is out dated or has no value?

How can out of box thinking be the norm?

What needs to be done to strive for excellence?

“You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.” –Woodrow Wilson

Davidson, S., Weberg, D., O’Grady, T., & Malloch, K. (2017). Leadership for evidence based innovation in nursing and health professions. Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett

Melnyk, B. & Fineout-Overholt, E. (2012). Evidence-based practice in nursing & healthcare: A guide to best practice (3rd Ed.). Philadelphia, PA:Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.







Weekly Discussion Board Grading Criteria


Student Points



Demonstrates thorough preparation, synthesis and informed opinion; addresses topic thoroughly; comments/ asks questions that contribute to group learning. Brings appropriate outside materials into the discussion; always listens to and supports the work of others. Meets the deadlines for posting responses as outlined by course requirements. Includes citations in the body of the post as well as references at the end of the post using APA format.

5- 4.5

Demonstrates some preparation and generally addresses topic; comments/asks questions; brings outside materials to class but may lack appropriateness; usually listens to and supports the work of others. May be inconsistent in responses or delayed in response to others. APA formatting errors in citations and references.

4.4 -2.5

Demonstrates inadequate preparation, marginal or off-topic posts, lacks synthesis, and reaffirms existing information, minimal / no contribution to group learning. Posts only within the last 24 hours of the week; rarely supports the efforts, ideas, and work of others. Late or no response to others. Posting lacks citations and references.

2.4- 0



Sound synthesis of material and data analysis from assigned readings and activities; Draws appropriate conclusions; facilitates/stimulates interaction and discussion with peers and instructor. Presents new ideas to the group.

5- 4.5

Faulty or incomplete synthesis and conclusions of data analysis, offers superficial opinion; Responses are limited and may not reflect assigned weekly reading or activities. Interactions and ideas are limited.

4.4 -2.5

Unsatisfactory synthesis of data analysis and conclusions; content not relevant; absence of informed opinion; absence of new ideas; responses are weak and disjointed.

2.4- 0


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