that accompanies the stages of labor leading up to delivery? A participant admits that she is not familiar with either the location or normal role of the cervix. Which of the following responses by the nurse would be most appropriate? A 14 yo boy has been brought to the emergency department by his mother in excruciating pain that is radiating from his scrotum to his inguinal area. The boys heart rate is 122 beats/minute, and he has vomited twice before arrival at the hospital. Examination reveals that his scrotum is reddened and slightly swollen, and the testes are firm to touch and tender, with extensive cremaster muscle contraction noted. What is the boys most likely diagnosis? A 40 year old male patient with multiple health problems has been diagnosed with a testosterone deficiency. Which of the following he nurse knows that which of the following assessment findings would correlate with a testosterone deficiency? Select all that apply. A long stretchy cervical mucus that exhibits ferning on a microscope slide is characteristic of which of the following? A 29 yo woman has been trying for many months to become pregnant, and fertilization has just occurred.Following her most recent ovulation. What process will nowoccur that will differentiate this ovulatory cycle from those prior? After a long and frustrating course of constant vaginal pain, a 38 yo woman has been diagnosed withgeneralized vulvodynia by her gynecologist. What treatment plan is her physician most likely to propose? Which of the following statements best captures an aspet of normal spermatogenesis? A couple that has three daughters would like to add a son to their family, and they have recently learned that the woman is pregnant. Which of the following phenomena would most likely be associated with the womans eventual delivery of a healthy son? Which of the following situations would be considered pathologic in an otherwise healthy 30 yo female? A 20 yo male has been diagnosed with a chlamydial infection, and his primary care provider is performing teaching in an effort to prevent the client from infectingothers in the future. Which of the following statements by the client demonstrates the best understanding of his health problem? A 66 yo man has presented to a nurse practitioner to get a refill for his antiplatelet medication. The patient has a history of ischemiaheart disease and suffered a myocardial infarction 5 years ago and has unstable angina; he uses a transdermal nitroglycerin patch to control his angina. The client has a 40 pack-year smoking history and uses nebulized bronchodilators at home for the treatment of transient shortness of breath. He has long-standing hypertension that is treat with a potassium-sparing diuretic and a _-adrenergic-blocking medication. During the nurses assessment, the man states that he has been unable to maintain his erection in recent months. mn 551 unit 8 quiz Which of the following aspects of the mans health problems and treatments would the nurse identify as contributing to his erectile difficulty (ED)? Which of the following sexually active women most likely faces the highest risk of developing an ectopic pregnancy? A 57 yo woman who has been diagnose with atrophic vaginitis has expressed her surprise to her care provider citing a lifetimelargely free of gynecological health problems. She has asked what may have contributed to her problem. How can the care provider best respond? Which of the following factors are NOT known to contribute to vaginal yeast infections? A pregnant 23 yo with a diagnosis of herpes simplex virus (HSV) is receiving prenatal care from her nurse practitioner. To prevent transmission of the virus to her baby, the physician will educate to include which of the following accurate statements? mn 551 unit 8 quiz Following a visit to her campus medical clinic motivated by persistent abdominal pain and dyspareunia, a 20 year old female college studenthas been referred for a diagnostic workup to rule out pelvic inflammatory disease. Her elevated white cell and C-reactive protein levels lead her care provider to suspect pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). What follow-up question is most likely to help with the differential diagnosis? Which of the following conditions usually improves when a woman is taking oral contraceptives? A 24 yo woman has presented to an inner-city free clinic because of the copious, foul vaginal discharge that she has had in recent days. Microscopy has confirmed the presence of Trichomonas vaginalis. What are the womans most likely treatment and prognosis? A 60 yo woman who is 11 years menopausal has presented to the emergency department stating. I havent had myperiod in years, but lately Ive been bleeding again, and quite heavily in the last few days. The care team needs to rule out endometrial cancer. How should they best explain the most accurate plan for confirming or ruling out the diagnosis? A 51 yo woman who has been receiving estrogen and progesterone therapy (EPT) for the last 5 years has visited her care providerbecause her peers have told her about the risks of heart. Disease, stroke, and breast cancer that could accompany hormone therapy (HT). How should her care provider respond to her concerns? Which of the following women is most likely to have a sexually transmitted infection as a contributing factor to her health problem? A 39 yo male patient has been recently diagnose with primary hypogonadism. Which of the following lab results would be most indicative of this diagnosis? A newborn male has been diagnose with hypospadias following his postpartum assessment by a nurse practitioner. Which of the followingdiagnostics and treatment options is the physician most likely to rule out first? While educating a mother about the benefits of giving her child the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine,gardisil. Which of the following statements will the nurse need to clarify for the parent? Select all that apply. The vaccine is: A 28-year-old female has been told she has atypical glandular cells following Pap smear. mn 551 unit 8 quiz The physician will likely recommend which procedure that can be perform in his office to remove the abnormal zone and provide a specimen for further histological evaluation? A 20-year-old male has been diagnosed with testicular cancer and is seeking information about his diagnosis from a number of websites. Which of the following statements that he has read is most plausible? John presents to the clinic with complaints of scrotal heaviness. Your assessment reveals swelling of the testicle and warm scrotal skin. What would your diagnosis be? A 13 yo female is undergoing rapid development of her breasts after experiencing menarche several months ago. Which of the following hormones are Not active in the development of her breasts? Select all that apply.

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