Please complete the attached worksheet? please ?choose THREE of the following classic studies to review and then answer ?each of the following questions for each experiment. IMPORTAN

Please complete the attached worksheet 

please  choose THREE of the following classic studies to review and then answer  each of the following questions for each experiment. IMPORTANT:  Please be sure to copy and paste this document into a new Word Document  and then insert your responses for each question directly below the  question. responses must be written in full  sentences with a subject and verb (no sentence fragments or  bulleted/numbered lists).

Please select on the following and peruse the ten classic studies discussed. In case of any difficulty accessing the link, brief descriptions of each of the ten studies follow below:


1. Little Albert:  John B. Watson studied classical conditioning by taking an infant who  had no previous fear of animals and essentially inducing a phobia of a  white rat. He did so using the principles of classical conditioning  (pairing a loud noise with the introduction of the rat to the baby). The  child then became fearful of the rat even without the loud noise being  present.

2. Asch Conformity:  Subjects were placed in a group alongside actors. All were asked to  access the series of lines and say which line was the longest. The  actors gave correct responses, but then began to give incorrect  responses. The majority of the subjects conformed and began to give an  incorrect response as well.

3. Darley & Latané Bystander Effect:  Following the brutal murder of Kitty Genovese in NYC in which there  were many witnesses, but no one called police, these experimenters  decided to test the bystander effect. They simulated several situations,  but particularly one in which the subject overheard a person in the  next room (actually a recording) having a seizure and measured whether  subjects who were alone were quicker to act and assist than those who  believed others could overhear the medical emergency as well.

4. Milgram Obedience:  In an attempt to understand how Nazi soldiers could possibly have  complied with commands to kill Jews (and other victims of the  Holocaust), Milgram studied obedience. In a rigged situation,  participants drew straws and the subject was assigned the role of  teacher. The “student” (actually a recording) was placed in another  room. Whenever the “student” got an answer wrong, the teacher pressed a  button to “shock” the student, and the shocks got progressively  stronger. Milgram was interested to see what percentage of subjects  would “shock” the student to the top of the board. The majority of  subjects did so, although they were visibly uncomfortable.

5. Harlow’s Monkeys:  Although these were animal subjects instead of humans, there are  ethical concerns. Harlow used baby rhesus monkeys and removed the babies  from their mothers, replacing the mother with either a wire “mother” or  a cloth “mother.” The wire mother fed the babies through a bottle,  while the cloth “mother” provided nothing but comfort. Harlow was  interested to see whether the association with food would cause the  babies to seek comfort from the wire mother, but they did not.

6. Seligman’s Learned Helplessness:  Seligman used dogs and placed them in a box with a barrier in the  middle. He randomly shocked the dogs through the floor. Dogs first tried  to escape the shocks by jumping over the barrier, but eventually quit  trying to jump and just “took” the shocks because they were unable to  permanently escape the shocks.

7. Sherif’s Robbers’ Cave:  Sherif conducted this experiment to test how groups problem solve and  deal with conflict. Boys at a summer camp were split into two groups,  which were kept apart from one another. The experimenters manipulated  competitions between the groups to keep the conflict/tension between the  groups high. Then, Sherif manipulated the environment so that the camp  as a whole faced a problem, such as a water shortage. After the groups  were forced to work together to solve the problem, they integrated and  functioned harmoniously together.

8. Johnson’s Monster Study:  This was an early study conducted to test the causes of stuttering in  children. Johnson used a group of orphans and told half of the group  that they had stutters. Although none of the children actually developed  a stutter, they did develop problems with self-esteem often associated  with children who stutter.

9. Elliott’s Blue-Eyes/Brown-Eyes:  In an attempt to demonstrate the effects of prejudice/discrimination, a  teacher (Jane Elliott) divided her class into blue-eyed and brown-eyed  students. She cited phony research that indicated that one group was  superior to the other and then treated that group with favor throughout  the day. It took only one day for the children to begin acting in  accordance with what they had been told. The groups were then switched,  and the same observations were made.

10. Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Study:  Zimbardo recruited college-aged males to participate in a two-week  experiment related to how people behave in prison. He randomly assigned  participants to the roles of “guards” or “prisoners.” He found that,  within a shockingly quick amount of time, guards became sadistic and  prisoners became despondent and helpless. He ultimately wound up  discontinuing the experiment after only six days because of the  potential psychological damage the experiment was having on the  subjects.


Now  choose three (3) studies for which you will answer the questions below.  You are free to do outside research on any of them as you please. Then,  select the link below titled “Ethics of Social Psychology Experiments,”  save it onto your hard drive, and enter your responses directly within  the saved document.

Ethics of Social Psychology Experiments

Student Worksheet

If you have not already carefully read the instructions for this assignment along with the descriptions of the ten social psychology experiments to consider, please go back and do so now.

Now choose three (3) experiments for which you will answer the questions below. You are free to do outside research on any of them as you please. Please indicate your three choices here:




For each of the three experiments you chose, please insert your answers directly below the question. Although there is no minimum word count for each response, it is unlikely that you would be able to fully answer each question with less than 3-4 complete sentences.

1. What was the purpose of this experiment? What were the authors’ hypotheses (that is, what were they predicting would happen)?

Response for Experiment One:

Response for Experiment Two:

Response for Experiment Three:

2. Was deception used in this experiment? If so, what was the reason for using deception of subjects?

Response for Experiment One:

Response for Experiment Two:

Response for Experiment Three:

3. What methodology was used in the study (e.g., were subjects run through an experimental procedure or did the experimenters simply observe people in a naturalistic setting)? Why do you think this type of methodology was chosen?

Response for Experiment One:

Response for Experiment Two:

Response for Experiment Three:

4. What were the results of the study? Were the experimenters’ predictions correct? If not, why did the experimenters feel that things turned out differently than expected?

Response for Experiment One:

Response for Experiment Two:

Response for Experiment Three:

5. Regarding the ethics of this study (keeping in mind that ethics and morals are not necessary interchangeable), do you feel the experiment was ethical? Why or why not? If you would not consider it ethical by today’s standards, do you think it was ethical at the time when the experiment was conducted?

Response for Experiment One:

Response for Experiment Two:

Response for Experiment Three: Plagiarism Free Papers

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