Provide one paragraph explaining the scope of your ?project. This could be partially copied from your Unit 2 Assignment ?Overview and Requirements. ???????????????? I


  • Scope Update         
    • Provide one paragraph explaining the scope of your  project. This could be partially copied from your Unit 2 Assignment  Overview and Requirements.                 
      • If there are changes, explain what the changes are and why they occurred.
      • If there are no changes, explain why the scope has not changed.
    • Write 70–100 words for this section of the document.
  • Costs Update         
    • If there are changes:                 
      • Option 1: Insert the same embedded Excel table you developed for Unit 2 and make changes as necessary.
      • Option 2: Write a paragraph of 60–90 words briefly explaining the changes.
    • If there are no changes:                 
      • Write a paragraph of 60–90 words explaining why  there are no cost changes, what costs might be unexpected later, and/or  what costs might be helpful in the future if the project scope is  increased or features added.
  • Schedule Update         
    • Project Management Track:                 
      • First, make a copy of your Gantt file (WBS) you submitted for Unit 2.
      • Rename the copy for Unit 3 (see below).
      • Make changes to the Unit 3 version to show  completion of tasks/progress. Consider changing the color of the text or  cells or applying bold to clearly identify items that have been  completed.
      • Progress is expected and required.
      • Write 60-90 words in the Word template as an overview of the changes. Also, mention that full details are in the separate WBS.
    • IT Specialist Track:                 
      • Copy and paste your Word table schedule from your Unit 2 submission in this unit’s template.
      • Make changes if necessary.
      • Identify project progress in the table by using  the Word highlighting tool in the home ribbon, changing the font color,  or making use of bold or italic text. Do not use Track Changes.
      • Progress is expected and required.
  • Legal, Ethical, Social, and Global Implications         
    • Identify a minimum of four issues/problems regarding your project that must be considered. Note that this is only identifying  what problems could occur; you will devise a mitigation plan in Unit 4.  If you need ideas to get started, check the Reading part of this unit.
    • Mention at least four separate ideas:                 
      • At least one must deal with potential legal and/or ethical problems.
      • At least one must address global concerns.
      • Identify each potential problem clearly as legal, ethical, social, and/or global.
    • Write 100–130 words for this section.
    • Present this information as a bulleted list or in a Word table (it is your choice).
  • Communication         
    • Project Management Track: Communication plan                 
      • Review example plans.
      • In a Word table, develop at least four categories (columns).
      • Complete at least four meetings/update/issue rows.
    • IT Specialist Track: Draft of letter to stakeholders                 
      • This is a draft, which means you are simply inserting the content as regular paragraphs in the template.
      • Content: The purpose is to explain the project and the timeline in a letter to stakeholders.                         
        • In the first paragraph, briefly explain the project and why you are sending the letter.
        • In the second paragraph, present an  overview of project progress (consider explaining major milestones) and  when you expect the project to be completed.
      • Since this includes end-users and others, do not provide any technical jargon or details.
      • Write 80–100 words, all in paragraph form (no lists or tables).
  • Diagram(s)         
    • Review diagramming information.
    • After checking the possibilities explained in the PDF  linked directly above, create at least one Microsoft Visio diagram for  your project.
    • Ensure that the diagram is embedded in the Word template.
  • Additional Proof of Progress         
    • If visual proof is available, include screenshots or  other visual proof that the work is in progress. Ensure that the images  are explained.
    • If visual proof is not available, write 100–120 words  explaining the progress you have made and what you expect to do in the  next week to keep project development momentum.

Executive Summary

TerraWeb is a user-friendly technology solution that makes it easier to deploy AWS resources using Terraform. It is designed for non-technical users, allowing them to deploy and administer AWS services without requiring extensive cloud expertise. TerraWeb simplifies resource provisioning by using pre-configured templates, lowering operating expenses and encouraging cooperation between technical and non-technical teams. The key benefit is that it bridges the gap between stakeholders and promotes effective AWS resource deployments.

Project Requirements:

The TerraWeb project requirements include a collection of features and functions intended to facilitate the smooth deployment and administration of AWS resources using Terraform, while catering to both non-technical and technical users. The major goal is to provide a simple user interface that allows non-technical users to confidently deploy and manage AWS resources. TerraWeb must provide a broad selection of pre-configured templates customized to certain use cases in order to ease the deployment process while following to best practices and lowering the chance of configuration mistakes. Security is critical, necessitating the use of robust encryption, access limits, and frequent security audits to protect sensitive data and system integrity.

Non-technical users and technical teams should be able to collaborate on the platform, allowing for effective communication throughout the resource deployment lifecycle. TerraWeb should also have automated testing and validation procedures to ensure that deployed resources are functioning and conform to the required settings. Furthermore, extensive documentation and training materials should be made available to walk users through the platform’s functions and use. Overall, the platform’s capacity to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders, expedite the resource provisioning process, improve security, and encourage effective cooperation in AWS resource deployments will determine the project’s success..


The purpose of TerraWeb is to address the challenge of deploying AWS resources for non-technical users. Many organizations face delays and inefficiencies due to the technical knowledge gap between IT teams and non-technical stakeholders. TerraWeb aims to simplify the resource provisioning process, allowing non-technical users to deploy AWS resources confidently. By offering pre-configured templates and a security intuitive interface, TerraWeb will significantly reduce the risk of misconfigurations and security breaches. If the client does not approve this project, resource deployments will continue to rely heavily on technical teams, leading to delays and potential cost overruns due to additional support requirements.


· Non-Technical Users: They will use TerraWeb to deploy and manage AWS resources without technical assistance.

· Technical Teams: They will collaborate with non-technical users through the platform, streamlining the resource deployment process.

· Management: They will benefit from increased operational efficiency and cost savings resulting from standardized and automated resource deployments.

· AWS Service Provider: The platform will drive AWS adoption and usage, potentially increasing revenue for AWS.

Resources and Cost Estimate

Resources and Costs


Estimated Cost ($)

Labor (Development)


Terraform Subscription


AWS Hosting


Security Consultation


Contingency Funds (10%)




Schedule Overview

The detailed schedule is available in the Gantt chart document provided separately.

IT Specialist Track


Start Date

End Date

Expected Completion

Planning and Design



Before end of course

Develop User Interface



Before end of course

Implement Pre-configured Templates



Before end of course

Integrate Security Measures



Before end of course

Collaboration Feature Implementation



Before end of course

Testing and Bug Fixing



Before end of course

Deployment and Final Testing



Before end of course

Documentation and Training Preparation



Before end of course

Completion Plan

As the IT Specialist, my intention is to complete the entire development of TerraWeb. My current skill set includes proficiency in cloud computing, AWS, Terraform, and web development. If needed, I will access relevant documentation, online resources, and seek guidance from experienced colleagues to address any technical challenges that may arise during the development process. My academic background and hands-on experiences have prepared me to handle the project effectively and ensure its successful completion.

Performance Measures and Quality Plan

Regular user surveys and feedback sessions will be used to collect information about user experiences, preferences, and areas for improvement. By actively engaging users, we can guarantee that TerraWeb properly serves their requirements and offers a great experience.

Deployment Time Reduction will be measured by comparing the time required to deploy AWS resources using TerraWeb versus conventional manual techniques. This will give quantitative statistics on the efficiency benefits realized via the use of the platform’s automation and pre-configured templates.

Data Security Audits will include doing frequent security assessments and audits to examine the efficiency of the security measures that have been applied. This preventative strategy guarantees that any vulnerability are detected and fixed as soon as possible, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Cost savings will be calculated by comparing the expenditures spent by manual resource deployments to the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) associated with TerraWeb. The platform’s cost-effectiveness and potential cost savings for the company will be shown in this financial study.

I will guarantee that TerraWeb not only satisfies technical standards, but also offers significant value, user happiness, increased security, and financial advantages to our customers via these performance criteria.

Risk Management Plan



Risk Classification

Scope Creep

Clearly defined scope, change request process.


Data Breach or Unauthorized Access

Robust security measures, regular security audits.


Inadequate Technical Support/Resources

Identify backup resources, collaborate with experienced colleagues.


Fluctuations in AWS Service Availability

Design for fault tolerance, consider multi-region deployment.


1. Scope Creep: To avoid scope creep, the project will have a well defined scope and implement a change request procedure. Regular contact with stakeholders will assist in ensuring that any prospective adjustments are properly reviewed in relation to the project’s goals. This method will assist to keep the project on track by preventing unplanned scope growth. This risk is rated as medium because, although mitigation methods are successful, unexpected changes may still create problems.

2. Data Breach or Unauthorized Access: Implementing strong security measures, such as encryption, access limits, and frequent security audits, can lower the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access greatly. Regular audits will detect flaws and allow for quick correction. In the event of a breach, the contingency plan calls for quick isolation of compromised systems, restoration from backups, and timely notification with stakeholders. This risk is rated as high due to the potentially catastrophic implications of data breaches.

3. Inadequate Technical Support/Resources: Identifying backup resources and cooperating with knowledgeable colleagues will offer a safety net against resource scarcity. Effective communication and resource planning will guarantee that technical issues are resolved as soon as possible. This risk is rated as medium because, even when contingency preparations are in place, unanticipated situations may still have an effect on resources.

4. Fluctuations in AWS Service Availability Designing for fault tolerance and considering multi-region deployment will guarantee that the project continues to run even if AWS services are disrupted. This method reduces the effect of changes in service availability while preserving system operation. This risk is rated as high due to the crucial role AWS services play in the project’s infrastructure.

The project team intends to proactively reduce any negative consequences and assure the successful development and deployment of TerraWeb by addressing these risks with suitable mitigation and contingency methods.




Item Estimated Cost ($)
Labor (Development) 600
Software/Tools 100
Hosting/Cloud Services 150
Licensing and Consultation 150
Total 1000




Milestone Expected Duration
Planning and Design 1 weeks
Development 3 weeks
Testing and Refinement 2 weeks
Total Project Duration 6 weeks Plagiarism Free Papers

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