Putting your equity issue at the center of your paper, create your own graphic demonstrating how issues of power, policy, and privilege affect your equity issue. Please read my paper and cho

Putting your equity issue at the center of your paper, create your own graphic demonstrating how issues of power, policy, and privilege affect your equity issue. Please read my paper and choose one of the problems facing gen z and choose the power, policy, or privilege that affects this problem. Please write a proposal like an example that I attached. I also put an example of how power, policy, and privilege may affect the problem. You have to choose just one (power or policy or privilege) not all of them. I want it to be one page long with a single space. I want it to be five parts like the example (introduction, background information, description of proposed activities, inquiry question, request for approval). Use the same structure for the example you can just change the information that talks about the problem. When you provide any information in any part of the proposal, please make it make sense for students. Try to use the information for the paper research and from google scholar. For my problem, I choose The lack of diversity and representation in leadership roles is one of the biggest problems the Gen Z community is dealing with.
Requirements: 1 paper long
I am writing to propose a research paper on the inequity in how mental
health is treated as a disability at academic institutions. This proposal was
requested by ?.. for approval before moving on to writing my position
Background Information
In 2022, I sought accommodation for the impacts on my mental health, in particular, borderline
personality, depression, and anxiety have on my ability to work and study. This was my first
time defining myself as a person with a disability. While DSS quickly accommodated me as a
student, Dr. Wall of Institutional Equity put me through a rigamarole of documentation and
ultimately denied my request for accommodation as an instructor. This prompted me to
inquire into how others have experienced accommodation-seeking as students and
instructors. Despite laws that supposedly protect people with all disabilities, including mental
health, it seems many with mental health disabilities are not adequately accommodated.
Description of Proposed Activities
In my research, I plan to examine documents provided by the ADA and by ? for
accommodation of a disability. I also intend to explore the obstacles in place for diagnosis and
documentation, which is necessary for accommodation. I will seek studies that assess how
well instructors and students with mental health disabilities are accommodated, mostly using
WMUs library website and Google Scholar.

Inquiry Question

How do students and instructors with mental health disabilities experience accommodation
at academic institutions?
Request for Approval
In my research, I aim to divine how other students/instructors have experienced inequity in
seeking accommodation for mental health disabilities. I theorize that, similar to my own
experience, students, and instructors do not receive the accommodation that is legally owed
to them by ADA. I here request your approval to pursue this topic of research.
_____________ _____________

Gen Z community
I am Living in a World of Change: Exploring Gen Z’s Unique Perspective and Experiences. As a nineteen-year-old in Gen Z, I feel like I live in constant change. My days are filled with fast-paced conversations, cutting-edge technology, and a demanding mix of coursework and extracurricular activities. Everything moves so quickly that at times it can be overwhelming, but I’m also inspired by the sense of energy and possibility that comes with our generation. I’m constantly exposed to different ideas and perspectives, which encourages me to think critically about my role within my community. With each passing day, I notice new opportunities for bringing about positive change. I’ve become passionate about becoming a voice for the voiceless and creating change in my community. I find myself?channeling?this energy into activities such as volunteering with local organizations, talking to my peers about the issues that matter to us, and advocating for marginalized communities. I’m driven by my desire to make the world a better place, and these small acts of service are a way for me to contribute to that mission.?
In addition to the tangible actions I take, I also want to bring awareness to the unique experiences and perspectives of Gen Z. Through writing, I’m able to share my thoughts and experiences, and hopefully provide insight into how our generation is changing the world. I hope that my words will spark meaningful conversations, inspire others to act, and help create a more connected and compassionate world. Writing is my way of connecting with others, standing up for the causes I care about, and celebrating the beauty of my community. The world around me is always transforming, and Gen Z is at the forefront of this change. We constantly push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and advocate for a more just and equitable future. We are passionate about eliminating the systemic injustices in our society and working towards a better world for future generations. The global pandemic was particularly difficult for Gen Z, as our lives have been indefinitely interrupted by lockdowns and social distancing. We were forced to adapt to different challenges and find new ways to stay connected with one another. Despite the disruption, I remain hopeful that we will be able to use this experience to develop resilience and strengthen our bonds. I am also motivated by the opportunities that my generation must create meaningful change. We are the first generation to grow up with such advanced technology, and this gives us the power to use our voices in unprecedented ways. My passion is in using this technology to spread awareness, inform others, and advocate for those who do not have access to these resources. Being an action-taker within my community means investing in long-term solutions and making sure that everyone in my community is included in the conversation. This involves educating others about our generation’s issues, standing up for our rights, and engaging in meaningful conversations with those around us. I strive to be a leader who encourages others to speak up and become active in the fight for social justice. I believe that if we all work together, we can build a brighter future. Our generation has the potential to make a real difference, and I am inspired by this possibility. Together, we can create a world of greater understanding, love, and respect. No matter our circumstances, we all have the power to positively impact our community. Therefore, I am driven to act and use my voice to fight for a better tomorrow. As members of Gen Z, we must stand up for each other, lead with compassion, and create a brighter future for all.
? One of the most important issues facing the Gen Z community is fairness and justice. This generation, which includes those born between 1997 and 2012, has grown up in a very different world than their parents and grandparents did. In contrast to previous generations, they are more diversified, connected, and socially concerned. In spite of these developments, there are still important issues of justice and fairness in their communities and cultures that demand attention.
The lack of diversity and representation in leadership roles is one of the biggest problems the Gen Z community is dealing with. They have seen that many of the community’s leaders are older people who do not adequately reflect the diversity and opinions of the younger generation. The Gen Z group is very concerned about this lack of representation because it results in a lack of understanding and empathy for their opinions and experiences. This is especially true for the community’s marginalized groups, who include people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and persons with disabilities.
Gen Z has made the decision to act in their community by pushing for inclusion and equal chances to solve this issue of fairness and justice. They are speaking up as a group to draw attention to this problem and ask their leaders to act. They think that young people can provide their community with solutions to its problems because of their unique viewpoint and set of abilities.
Moreover, Gen Z is acting in a number of ways, one of which is by supporting and motivating young people to run for office. To guarantee that these people have a voice in decision-making processes and to assist them to prepare for leadership roles, they are offering tools and training. Social media is another tool Gen Z is adopting to connect with their peers and motivate them to participate in their communities. Young people who are enthusiastic about bringing about change in their communities and who are interested in assuming leadership roles have increased as a result of this.?The Pew Research Centre reports that “Gen Z is the most diverse generation in U.S. history” (“Generation Z”).
The prejudice and discrimination that minority groups experience is another topic that the Gen Z community is concentrating on. They are especially alarmed by the increase in hate crimes committed against members of the LGBTQ+ community, persons of color, and other disadvantaged groups. They think that these behaviors are a reflection of the ingrained biases and injustices in their cultures and societies.?
For disenfranchised people to express their stories and push for change, Gen Z is working to provide safe spaces and platforms. Also, they are urging for pedagogical changes in schools that support diversity and cultural awareness. They think they can contribute to removing the boundaries dividing their community by fostering empathy and understanding.?
The result of these efforts is to build a more just and equal society for everybody. According to Gen Z, everyone should have access to equal opportunities regardless of their financial situation, gender, sexual orientation, or race. They are deeply committed to fostering an inclusive, sustainable, and just society. Gen Z wants to inspire change and advance a culture that values diversity and equitable opportunity for everyone by bringing these challenges to light and acting..
In order to acquire a fresh perspective on the equity concerns that Gen Z is experiencing, I utilized strategic belief and?scepticism?after reviewing the sources of information I had gathered. The lack of diversity and representation in leadership positions is one of the biggest problems.?According to Sladek?& Grabinger?Gen Z is believed to?possessgreat leadership skills and drive?and thus with these skills they?possess?their?arrival or inclusion in leadership is destined to create change.?Even while there have been initiatives to advance equality and inclusion, there is still a long way to go before underrepresented groups feel completely represented and understood (Sladek & Grabinger, 2014).
Young people running for office should be actively encouraged and supported as one potential answer to this issue. Gen Z is the most diverse generation in American history, according to the Pew Research?Centre, making it even more crucial to involve them in decision-making.?Children are now more than ever influencing family purchase decisions, according to a recent Nickelodeon survey.?Involving Gen Z?may be done by giving young people the resources and training they need to become leaders. Social media has also grown to be a potent platform for Gen Z to interact with their peers and be motivated to get involved in their communities.
Normally Id ask myself is there factors other than race affecting Gen z? But the prevalence of prejudice and discrimination against minority groups, especially members of the LGBTQ+ community, people of?colour, and other disadvantaged groups, is another issue that worries Gen Z. The prejudices and injustices that are deeply rooted in these peoples’ traditions and communities are reflected in their actions. In order to solve this issue,?Generation Z is trying to provide safe spaces and platforms where marginalized individuals may share their stories and demand change. They are also promoting pedagogical adjustments in schools that promote diversity and cultural sensitivity.
Another topic that profoundly concerns Gen Z is environmental justice. Teenagers actively participate in local and national climate strikes because they are aware of the serious impact that climate change is having on their generation. To save the earth for coming generations, they are pushing for laws that will boost sustainability and cut carbon emissions.According to Sladek?& Grabinger,?Gen Z will probably be lured to businesses who offer healthy work environments with exercise centres, outside green spaces, sports-related activities and rewards, active recycling and environmental initiatives and organic meals on-site.
As a generation, Gen Z is dedicated to advancing justice and fairness for everyone. Together with battling prejudice and discrimination against minority groups, they are aggressively addressing the issues of representation and inclusion in leadership positions. They also promote environmental justice, understanding the significance of taking action to safeguard the world for future generations. We can all contribute to creating a more fair and equitable society by fostering empathy, understanding, and respect for diversity and equal opportunity.
In conclusion, conducting research and strategically using belief and doubt are crucial for developing fresh viewpoints on equity concerns associated with your culturally situated activity. You may test your presumptions, learn new things, and help create a society that is more just and equitable for everyone by critically?analyzing?the information you learn.

Sladek, S., & Grabinger, A. (2014). Gen Z. Introducing the first Generation of the 21st Century Available at.

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