Solved >   31) Archegonia _____. A) are the sites:1389838 …


31) Archegonia _____.

A) are the sites where male gametes are produced

B) may contain sporophyte embryos

C) have the same function as sporangia

D) make asexual reproductive structures


32) Which of the following is a true statement about plant reproduction?

A) Embryophytes are small plants in an early developmental stage.

B) Male and female bryophytes each produce a type of gametangia.

C) Eggs and sperm of most land plants swim toward one another.

D) Bryophytes are limited to asexual reproduction.

33) Assuming that they all belong to the same plant, arrange the following structures from largest to smallest.

1. antheridia

2. gametes

3. gametophytes

A) 2, 3, 1

B) 2, 1, 3

C) 3, 2, 1

D) 3, 1, 2


34) The leaflike appendages of moss gametophytes may be one to two cell layers thick. Consequently, which of the following is LEAST likely to be found associated with such appendages?

A) cuticle

B) phenolics

C) stomata

D) peroxisomes


35) Which of the following is true of the life cycle of mosses?

A) The haploid generation grows on the sporophyte generation.

B) Spores are primarily distributed by water currents.

C) Antheridia and archegonia are produced by gametophytes.

D) The sporophyte generation is dominant.


36) At some time during their life cycles, bryophytes make _____.

A) microphylls

B) true roots

C) true leaves

D) sporangia

37) Two small, poorly drained lakes lie close to each other in a northern forest. The basins of both lakes are composed of the same geologic substratum. One lake is surrounded by a dense Sphagnum mat; the other is not. Compared to the pond with Sphagnum, the pond lacking the moss mat should have _____.

A) lower numbers of bacteria

B) reduced rates of decomposition

C) reduced oxygen content

D) less-acidic water


Researchers tested nitrogen loss from soil where the moss Dawsonia was growing, and compared it to soil from which Dawsonia had been removed. The data are presented below.



Researchers decided to test the hypothesis that if the 1-meter-tall Dawsonia gametophyte-sporophyte plants had acted as a physical buffer, then they would have reduced water’s ability to erode the soil and carry away its nitrogen. They began with four equal-sized areas where Dawsonia mosses grew to a height of 1 m above the soil surface. One of the four areas was not modified. In the second area, the mosses were trimmed to a height of 0.5 m above the soil surface. In the third area, the mosses were trimmed to a height of 0.25 m above the soil surface. In the fourth area, the mosses were trimmed all the way to the ground, leaving only the rhizoids. Water, simulating rainfall, was then added in a controlled fashion to all plots over the course of one year. The figure below presents four graphs that depict potential results of this experiment.




38) In the figure above, which graph of soil nitrogen loss over time most strongly supports the hypothesis that if the 1-m tall Dawsonia gametophyte-sporophyte plants had acted as a physical buffer, then they would have reduced water’s ability to erode the soil and carry away its nitrogen?

A) A

B) B

C) C

D) D


39) Soil nitrogen is not solely contained within the rhizoids of the Dawsonia mosses because rhizoids _____.

A) are associated with fungi that inhibit mineral transfer from soil to rhizoids

B) are not absorptive structures

C) lack direct attachment to the moss sporophytes

D) immediately transfer the nitrogen to the sporophyte

40) The 1-m height attainable by Dawsonia moss is at the upper end of the size range reached by mosses. What accounts for the relative tallness of Dawsonia?

A) the cuticle that is found along the ridges of “leaves”

B) “leaves” that are more than one cell layer thick

C) reduced size, mass, and persistence of the sporophytes, which allows gametophores to grow taller

D) the presence of conducting tissues in the “stem”
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