You will create a well-developed outline including all paper headings and subheadings. Review the Integrative Learning Project Assignment Instructions (attached). Use it as a guide f

You will create a well-developed outline including all paper headings and subheadings. Review the Integrative Learning Project Assignment Instructions (attached). Use it as a guide for what headings need to be included in this outline. At a minimum, the APA level 1, 2 and 3 headings should be in the outline and it must show which Key Chapter Concepts will be in your Integrated Learning Project as well as the titles of the appendices. Please review the Integrated Learning Project General Instructions. Current APA format must be used.

Attached is the annotated bibliography for this assignment.  Please utilize the references from the annotated bibliography when drafting the outline.  Feel free to add additional references.  

Attached is the original breakdown of the assignment.  Please utilize this document as well when drafting the outline.


Human Resource Management ILPA Annotated Bibligraphy Sha-Nicca White School of Business Liberty University BUSI 650 –Operations Management (B04)

Sha-Nicca A. White (ID # L29442727) I have no known conflict of interest to disclose. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Sha-Nicca. A. White Email: [email protected]

Askeland, H., Espedal, G., & Sirris, S. (2019). Values as vessels of religion? The role of values in everyday work at faith-based organizations. Diaconia, 10(1), 27–49.

The article “Values as vessels of religion? The role of values in everyday work at faith-based organizations” by Askeland, Espedal, and Sirris (2019) explores the significance of values in the context of everyday work within faith-based organizations. Key findings show that values influence work culture, employee engagement, and ethical challenges in faith-based businesses. According to the essay, purpose, and loyalty are fostered when organizational ideals and employee values are comprehended and in line. This article expands on organizational culture and staff behavior in operations management. It is vital to embrace and promote values that align with an organization’s goal and vision since they influence the workplace. Values encourage moral decision-making and employee participation.

Casey, T., Turner, N., Hu, X., & Bancroft, K. (2021). Making safety training stickier: A richer model of safety training engagement and transfer. Journal of Safety Research, 78, 303–313.

Enhancing the effectiveness of safety training programs in businesses is the primary goal of the essay “Making safety training stickier: A richer model of safety training engagement and transfer” by Casey, Turner, Hu, and Bancroft (2021). The study offers a comprehensive strategy examining workplace transfer and employee safety training participation. The primary outcomes are supervisor support, practical safety education exercises, and learner motivation. The essay suggests enhancing safety training’s engagement and transfer by utilizing experiential learning, social support, and reinforcement. Operations management values employee training and development. It contributes to creating safer safety training programs that involve staff members and transfer knowledge and skills to the workplace. The outcomes might enhance performance and safety instruction.

Di Gregorio, A., Maggioni, I., Mauri, C., & Mazzucchelli, A. (2019). Employability skills for future marketing professionals. European Management Journal, 37(3), 251–258.

Di Gregorio, Maggioni, Mauri, and Mazzucchelli’s article “Employability skills for future marketing professionals” (2019) looks at the abilities required of future marketers. The study examines what marketing specialists need to succeed in a shifting business environment. The findings indicate that marketing professionals need communication, digital literacy, creativity, adaptability, and analytical thinking. The article places a lot of emphasis on being current with technology and becoming an expert in digital marketing, which is crucial in this situation. Marketing management and workforce development are informed by operations management. Marketers need a broad skill set to meet industry demands. The findings assist educators and practitioners in developing marketing curricula and professional development programs that instruct upcoming marketers.

Keiningham, T., Aksoy, L., Bruce, H. L., Cadet, F., Clennell, N., Hodgkinson, I. R., & Kearney, T. (2020). Customer experience driven business model innovation. Journal of Business Research, 116, 431–440.

The 2020 article “Customer experience driven business model innovation” by Keiningham, Aksoy, Bruce, Cadet, Clennell, Hodgkinson, and Kearney examines this topic. The study examines how businesses leverage customer experience to develop original business strategies that increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability. Understanding customer demands, preferences, and emotions is essential for differentiating customer experiences. The importance of client-centricity and consumer input in innovation is emphasized in the article. It also underlines the connection between the company’s core values, strengths, and business model innovation. In operations management, this article offers ideas for innovation management and customer-centricity. It highlights how the customer experience drives the creation of business models and offers suggestions on how businesses may create and deliver outstanding customer experiences to gain a competitive advantage.

Lee, S. M., & Lee, D. (2020). “Untact”: a new customer service strategy in the digital age. Service Business, 14(1), 1–22.

“Untact: a new customer service strategy in the digital age” by Lee and Lee (2020) explores “untact” as a digital customer service strategy. “Untact” customer service interactions are made possible by technology. According to the study, unattended procedures increase comfort, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness. The research claims that chatbots, self-help kiosks, and mobile applications offer uncontactable customer support. Customer satisfaction in an untouchable world depends on customization and reliability. Operations management communicates with the customer service and technology departments, which is crucial in this situation. It clarifies customer service ideas and how digital technology makes contactless services possible. In the digital age, technology may enhance customer experiences and operational effectiveness.

Lee, Y., & Queenie Li, J.-Y. (2020). The value of internal communication in enhancing employees’ health information disclosure intentions in the workplace. Public Relations Review, 46(1), 101872.

“The value of internal communication in enhancing employees’ health information disclosure intentions in the workplace” by Lee and Queenie Li (2020) examines the contribution of internal communication to the improvement of employees’ intentions to disclose health information in the workplace. The article, printed in the Public Relations Review, emphasizes how vital effective internal communication methods are for developing a welcoming environment. The research demonstrates how communication channels like employee newsletters and team meetings can boost employee trust and comfort in sharing health information. The findings emphasize the value of internal communication in expanding employee wellness and creating an open culture within organizations.

Leitão, J., Pereira, D., & Gonçalves, Â. (2019). Quality of work life and organizational performance: Workers’ feelings of contributing, or not, to the organization’s productivity. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16(20), 3803.

The relationship between quality of work life and organizational performance is analyzed in “Quality of work life and organizational performance: Workers’ feelings of contributing, or not, to the organization’s productivity” by Leito, Pereira, and Gonçalves (2019). Employee perceptions of their productivity contributions impact the quality of work life and organizational performance. The key findings indicate that the quality of work life affects employees’ feelings and productivity. The essay stresses that when employees believe their work has a purpose and a positive influence, their quality of life increases, which enhances organizational performance. The part on human resource management and organizational performance is nourished by operations management. Quality of work life improves employee performance, satisfaction, and engagement. The findings indicate that firms should prioritize the quality of work life initiatives to increase worker engagement and productivity.

McGunagle, D., & Zizka, L. (2020). Employability skills for 21st-century STEM students: the employers’ perspective. Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning, 10(3), 591–606.

The 2020 study “Employability skills for 21st-century STEM students: The employers’ perspective” by McGunagle and Zizka explores companies’ perspectives on STEM students’ employability abilities. The study looks at the employability of STEM graduates and the skills that companies value. According to the research, technical and non-technical skills determine how employable STEM students are. Along with technical skills, employers highly emphasize communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, and critical thinking. Operations management provides information on the workforce development and skills component, which significantly aids in workforce management. It clarifies the abilities STEM businesses need, assisting educators and policymakers in connecting curricula and training plans with market demands. The outcomes enhance STEM education and produce well-rounded graduates with 21st-century skills.

Meng, J., & Berger, B. K. (2019). The impact of organizational culture and leadership performance on PR professionals’ job satisfaction: Testing the joint mediating effects of engagement and trust. Public Relations Review, 45(1), 64–75.

Meng and Berger’s article from 2019, “The impact of organizational culture and leadership performance on PR professionals’ job aatisfaction: Testing the joint mediating effects of engagement and trust,” examines how organizational culture and leadership affect PR professionals’ work satisfaction. This connection is mediated through trust and employee engagement. Key findings indicate that corporate culture and leadership effectiveness have an impact on the pleasure of PR professionals at work. According to the research, organizational culture, leadership effectiveness, and work satisfaction are all mediated by employee engagement and trust. Human resource management and employee happiness are segments that are informed by operations management. It strongly emphasizes a positive business culture and capable leadership to increase work happiness in PR. Organizations should place a high priority on employee engagement and trust-building to increase the productivity and happiness of PR professionals.

Meredith, J. R., & Shafer, S. M. (2019). Operations and supply chain management for MBAs (7th ed.). John Wiley & Sons.

The fundamentals of operations and supply chain management are taught to MBA students in Meredith and Shafer’s book “Operations and supply chain management for MBAs” (2019). The topics of supply chain design, logistics, inventory control, supply chain planning, and operations strategy are covered in this debate. This book teaches MBA candidates how to manage supply networks and operations. It blends various real-world scenarios and case studies with academic concepts to make learning easier. This book can be helpful for MBA students and professionals researching operations and supply chain management. It has a guiding influence on the final operations strategy, process management, and supply chain design.

Padilla-Rivera, A., do Carmo, B. B., Arcese, G., & Merveille, N. (2021). Social circular economy indicators: Selection through fuzzy delphi method. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 26, 101–110.

Indicators are chosen to analyze the social component of the circular economy in “Social circular economy indicators: Selection through fuzzy delphi method” by Padilla-Rivera, do Carmo, Arcese, and Merveille (2021). To gather expert opinions and create social indicators of circular economy practices, the study used fuzzy Delphi. The findings highlight the importance of social considerations in assessing the circular economy. The essay provides measures of community involvement, employment creation, and social inclusion. This topic is relevant to operations management’s focus on sustainable production and consumption, which aids comprehension. It gives companies and policymakers instructions on how to track and evaluate the social effects of circular economy initiatives.

Ratten, V., & Usmanij, P. (2021). Entrepreneurship education: Time for a change in research direction? The International Journal of Management Education, 19(1), 100367.

The article “Entrepreneurship education: Time for a change in research direction?” by Ratten and Usmanij (2021) questions the current research trajectory in entrepreneurship education. The essay, which was printed in The International Journal of Management Education, calls for a shift in emphasis in favor of more analytical and multidisciplinary approaches. The authors argue that cutting-edge topics like social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and the effects of technology on entrepreneurial education should be the focus of future research. They emphasize the value of including real-world experiences, experiential learning, and cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset. The essay suggests a reevaluation of research goals to address the evolving needs and challenges of entrepreneurship education successfully.

Small, E. (2020). How successful African-American male leaders in predominately white organizations integrate spirituality with leadership practice. Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion, 17(2), 184–208.

The article “How successful African-American male leaders in predominantly white organizations integrate spirituality with leadership practice” by Small (2020) explores how these leaders do so. The study investigates how these leaders balance their spiritual and professional lives. The results show that spirituality influences the leadership philosophies of African-American male leaders. It has an impact on their connections, decisions, and beliefs. The text emphasizes the need for moral rectitude and steady leadership. In the context of operations management, this article focuses on leadership and diversity. This study examines how African-American male CEOs who work in predominantly White firms integrate their religion. The results shed light on workplace leadership, diversity, and spirituality.

Smith, R. D. (2021). Strategic planning for public relations (6th ed.). Routledge.

Smith’s book “Strategic Planning for Public Relations,” which was released in 2021, goes into great detail about the principles of strategic planning for public relations. Strategic planning includes setting goals, researching the environment, examining target audiences, creating communications, and evaluating the results. Careful strategic planning is required for public relations management to connect various communication initiatives to more general corporate goals and objectives. This book explores public relations strategy from numerous angles, looking at best practices, ideas, and methods. Strategic public relations planning may be used to inform operations management planning for communication management. The article stresses the importance of combining communication with business objectives and actively involving stakeholders. This book can help with strategic planning for those who work in or study public relations.

Stewart, G. L., & Brown, K. G. (2019). Human resource management (4th ed.). John Wiley & Son.

Stewart and Brown’s book “Human Resource Management” is a reference that is highly respected and considered to be authoritative in the field. The book, which was created by John Wiley & Sons and released by that firm, covers various human resource management-related topics and provides insightful information on the theory and practice of human resource management. This book is an essential resource for human resource professionals, managers, students, and researchers who are interested in getting a more in-depth understanding of human resource management ideas, techniques, and current challenges because of its comprehensive approach. It has established itself as a crucial tool in the field of human resource management due to the abundance of knowledge and valuable advice it offers.

Sutherland, K., Freberg, K., Driver, C., & Khattab, U. (2020). Public relations and customer service: Employer perspectives of social media proficiency. Public Relations Review, 46(4), 101954.

Sutherland, Freberg, Driver, and Khattab’s article “Public relations and customer service: Employer perspectives of social media proficiency” (2020) examines how employers view social media competency in PR and customer service. The study looks at how businesses value social media skills and how they impact customer service. According to the report, social media expertise is respected by organizations for customer relationship management and service. The essay focuses on the importance of social media skills for managing brand reputation, responding to customer inquiries, and engaging customers. The customer service and technology departments receive information from operations management. It highlights the growing importance of social media in customer service and public relations and the requirement for businesses to provide social media training to their workers. The statistics show how social media has an impact on experiences and customer service.

Testorelli, R., Ferreira de Araújo Lima, P., & Verbano, C. (2022). Fostering project risk management in SMEs: An emergent framework from a literature review. Production Planning & Control, 33(13), 1304–1318.

Project risk management in SMEs is covered in “Fostering project risk management in SMEs: an emergent framework from a literature review” by Testorelli, Ferreira de Araujo Lima, and Verbano (2022). A thorough literature review has produced a developing approach to enhance project risk management in SMEs. The findings highlight how vital risk management is to SME project management. The strategy strongly emphasizes identifying, analyzing, and mitigating risks with project stakeholders. Issues with SME risk management are also covered. From the operations management perspective, this article educates on project and risk management. It offers essential insights and a method for enhancing project risk management appropriate for SMEs. The findings influence SMEs’ best practices for risk reduction and project success.

Wiyono, B. B., Komariah, A., Alghamdi, A. A., Fahlevi, M., & Sultoni. (2023). The influence of principals’ e-leadership on the effectiveness of schools’ public relations and organizational improvement. Sustainability, 15(2), 1296.

Wiyono, Komariah, Alghamdi, Fahlevi, and Sultoni’s 2023 article “The Influence of Principals’ E-Leadership on the Effectiveness of Schools’ Public Relations and Organizational Improvement” explores how principals’ e-leadership impacts school PR and organizational improvement. Principals ‘ use of electronic leadership techniques impacts the company’s and public relations’ effectiveness. E-leadership is essential for the organizational growth and public relations of schools. The essay focuses on how administrators can enhance school community participation, communication, and cooperation by employing electronic communication technologies. Leadership and educational management are informed by operations management. It demonstrates how teachers can use e-leadership to improve organizational effectiveness and public relations. E-leadership is a tool that educators can utilize to enhance communication and performance in the classroom.


BUSI 650

Integrative Learning Project: Organizational setting Assignment Instructions

In at least 2 pages, describe the mission of your organization (e.g., what product or service is provided, to what intended markets, and how the product or service is distinct from those offered by competitors), who your customers are (internal and external), what value you add to the organization (how you help the organization achieve its mission), and what role Christianity currently plays in this organization. Please review the Integrated Learning Project Assignment Instructions. Current APA format must be used.


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Operations and Supply Chain Management for MBAs

Meridth-ffirs.indd 1 11/5/2015 4:08:43 PM

Meridth-ffirs.indd 2 11/5/2015 4:08:43 PM

Sixth Edition

Jack R . Meredith

Scott M. Shafer Wake Forest University

Operations and Supply Chain Management for MBAs

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ISBN: 978-1-119-23953-6 (PBK)

ISBN: 978-1-119-22321-4 (EVALC)

Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data:

Names: Meredith, Jack R., author. | Shafer, Scott M., author.

Title: Operations and Supply Chain Management for MBAs / Jack R. Meredith, Scott M. Shafer.

Description: Sixth edition. | Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, 2016. |

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Identifiers: LCCN 2015038625 | ISBN 978-1-119-23953-6 (pbk. : alk. paper)

Subjects: LCSH: Production management. | Business logistics.

Classification: LCC TS155 .M393 2016 | DDC 658.5—dc23 LC record available at

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This book is dedicated to the Newest Generation:

Avery, Mitchell, Ava, Chase, and Ian. J.R.M.

Brianna, Sammy, and Kacy S.M.S.

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Part 1 Strategy and Execution 1

1 Operations and Supply Chain Strategy for Competitiveness 2

2 Executing Strategy: Project Management 34

Part 2 Process and Supply Chain Design 65

3 Process Planning 66

4 Capacity and Scheduling 97

5 Supply Chain Planning and Analytics 126

6 Supply Chain Management 157

Part 3 Managing and Improving the Process 199

7 Monitoring and Controlling the Processes 200

8 Process Improvement: Six Sigma 225

9 Process Improvement: Lean 258

Cases 284 Glossary 338 Index 343

Brief Contents

Preface xiii

Meridth-ftoc.indd 6 11/6/2015 2:49:49 PM


Part 1 Strategy and Execution 1

1 Operations and Supply Chain Strategy for Competitiveness 2

1.1 Operations 4

1.1.1. Systems Perspective 5

1.1.2. Inputs 6

1.1.3. Transformation Processes 6

1.1.4. Outputs 7

1.1.5. Control 9

1.1.6. Operations Activities 9

1.1.7. Trends in Operations and Supply Chain Management 10

1.2 Customer Value 11

1.2.1. Costs 11

1.2.2. Benefi ts 12

1.2.3. Innovativeness 12

1.2.4. Functionality 14

1.2.5. Quality 14

1.2.6. Customization 15

1.2.7. Responsiveness 18

1.3 Strategy and Competitiveness 19

1.3.1. Global Trends 19

1.3.2. Strategy 21

1.3.3. Strategic Frameworks 22

1.3.4. Core Capabilities 28

2 Executing Strategy: Project Management 34

2.1 Defi ning a Project 37

2.2 Planning the Project 38

2.2.1. The Project Portfolio 38

2.2.2. The Project Life Cycle 41 Plagiarism Free Papers

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